Strengthening statistical development in Africa

The capability of the African data and statistics ecosystem to collect and disemminate data on the indicators used to track progress against the SDG and Agenda 2063 targets is a challenge that poses a clear and present danger to the achievement of the goals. The sheer number of indicators and level of disaggregation required poses an unprecendented challenge for many governments and stakeholders. Our core effort to contribute to the development of statistical capacity in Africa for implementation of Agenda 2063, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other African  development instruments is the work done on Statistics Africa.

Statistics Africa is a platform on which LDRI presents the results of studies the state of data and statistics for indicators of Agenda 2063, the 2030 Agenda and thematic development instruments on the African continent.

Our core work through Statistics Africa is to support the development of policy interventions to achieve Agenda 2063’s Goals and the 2030 Agenda by providing the data to show the extent to which AU member states are capable of tracking progress against the targets in our development agenda. We conduct studies that examine the capacity within the national statistics systems to supply data and statistics to decision makers for planning, monitoring and review of interventions to address the Agenda 2063 goals, the SDGs and other thematic development instruments.

The objectives of Statistics Africa are to work with the AU member states, the African Union Commission, other Pan African institutions and international organisations to:

  • Publish insights on the state of African data and of the African Statistics System in order to highlight areas in which member states, development partner and other stakeholders need to target support to ensure we leave no one behind.
  • Influence resource mobilisation, capacity development, policy formulation and legislation in African Union member states to support increased capacity within the national statistics systems on data for tracking progress against Agenda 2063 and SDG indicators.

The products of Statistics Africa’s work include data and statistics on the state of data in Africa as well as reports and policy briefs covering the state of data within specific thematic areas, countries and regional economic communities. These will support the efforts of key pan-African institutions as well as national governments in improving institutional capacity and policy frameworks in the African Statistics System and the broader African data ecosystem.