• Rethinking Intra-African Trade Through CAADP Implementation

    The dairy industry is an important source of livelihood for the farmers that engage in it. It provides an avenue for income generation for smallholder farmers and contributes to the household asset base through finance and insurance. However, it is the role it could potentially play in intra-African trade and in alleviating hunger and malnutrition […]

  • Kenya’s Medium Term Plan as a Framework for Implementation of Agenda 2063 & the 2030 Agenda.

    Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals will be implemented via the Vision 2030 Medium Term Plan framework. Vision 2030 is Kenya’s long-term vision and plan. It is implemented through a series of 5-year medium-term plans (MTP) at the national level with county governments implementing County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP), which are aligned to the national […]

  • National Forum on Sustainable Development Data

    LDRI was honored to co-convene Kenya’s first National Forum on Harnessing the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development in August 2015 together with the Office of The Deputy President and the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research. More information on the forum is available at