About Local Development Research Institute

Operational since 2015, Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) is an non-profit action-oriented think tank whose work contributes to the efforts of African governments to end extreme poverty, end hunger and reduce inequalities. With 65% of Africa’s labor force employed in the agriculture sector (which contributes approximately 30% of the continent’s GDP), and the increasing need to achieve food sufficiency for 1.5 billion people by 2020, it is clear that agriculture will be pivotal to achieving these objectives.

LDRI is therefore focused on the role of agricultural transformation in ending hunger, poverty and inequality especially the capability of states to have and use data/statistics in decision-making on the continent.

Our strategic objectives for the period 2016 to 2020 are:

  1. Strengthening the Africa data ecosystem for planning, monitoring and review of interventions to drive agriculture transformation in Africa
  2. Supporting inclusive processes for evidence-driven policy on agriculture transformation in Africa
  3. Building capacity of stakeholders to make their data openly accessible to others

We have two general focus areas through which we work to realise our key results.

Focus Area 1: Agricultural Transformation in Africa

Africa’s approach to reducing by half those living in extreme poverty by 2025, ending hunger and boosting trade is anchored on the realisation of agriculture-led industrialisation. This calls for a transformation of agriculture that would contribute to wealth creation, poverty alleviation, improved food and nutrition security, improvements in reach and quality of productive safety nets and realisation of ecosystem and social system resilience.

Read more about our Strengthening Agriculture Transformation in Africa (SATA) Program which supports efforts the African Union is making to achieve the goals in the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agriculture Growth and Transformation for Shared Prosperity and Improved Livelihoods. The Malabo Declaration is implemented under the NEPAD Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP).

Focus Area 2: Strengthening Statistical Development in Africa

The capability of the African data ecosystem to collect and disseminate data on the SDG and Agenda 2063 indicators is a challenge, which if not properly addressed, poses a clear and present danger to the achievement of the goals. The sheer number of indicators and level of disaggregation required poses an unprecedented challenge for many governments and stakeholders.

To ensure we know which indicators have data or do not and in which countries, LDRI will conduct multi-year studies on the availability, quality and accessiblity of data and statistics in Africa. The study shall also examine the capacity within the national statistics systems to supply data and statistics to decision makers for planning, monitoring and review of interventions to address the Agenda 2063 goals and the SDGs. Our flagship program, the Africa Data Observatory is designed to address the strategic objectives in this focus area. Read more about the Strengthening Statistical Development in Africa Program here.