20th February 2023


In the past few years (2020 – 2022), Kenya has been experiencing increased and extreme drought tendencies with about 4.2 million people experiencing acute food insecurity. […]
28th July 2022

Women At The Nexus Of  Agriculture, Nutrition, and  Energy

Food production is the most intuitive linkage between agriculture and nutrition, but the relationship goes far beyond. Women play a fundamental role in the households by […]
23rd April 2022

Gender and Energy nexus: The Importance of Clean Energy Sources For Women in Rural areas.

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) remains dependent on biomass fuels, which provide over 60% of the total energy demanded. With only 30% of the population in Africa having […]
3rd December 2021

Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses to promote Food Safety and Security.

Post-harvest loss is the damage or loss of mature crops/grain resulting in a reduction in total harvest. The majority of farmers in rural areas experience significant […]
15th October 2021

Role of Women in Agricultural Development and Food Security: The Future is Female!

As we celebrate International Day of Rural Women, we acknowledge and applaud the vital role played by women in agriculture. Statistics show that in most developing […]
10th September 2021

Women VBAs a Force for Economic Empowerment

Women, in agriculture, account for about 42% and 65% of the labour force. Traditional gender roles in rural societies had more more women working in agricultural […]