22nd November 2021

WEBINAR: Data for the Africa We Want: A Close Up On The African UN Data For Development Platform

The African UN Data for Development Platform is the first platform to serve as a one-stop-shop repository that captures high-quality data and evidence on the 2030 […]
28th July 2021


Welcome to the Africa Open Data Network (AODN) Monthly resource list for July 2021. Every month we put together content including a reading list, avenues for […]
22nd April 2021

Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 on CSOs in Data Ecosystems Across Sub-Saharan Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic has and continues to impact different sectors and data ecosystems around the world differently. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are important players in data […]
23rd February 2021

The Utility of Cross-Sector Gender Data Linkages for Inclusive Development Outcomes in Africa

Over the years, Africa has adopted a raft of development frameworks that have highly influenced its development agenda. Such frameworks include Agenda 2063 at the regional […]
2nd August 2018

Making open data work for gender equality

While gender equality continues to be a problem across the world, there has been a coordinated effort globally to work towards bridging inequality even though there […]
28th May 2017
Image of farmers meeting in Dirib Gombo

Data Coordination Will Enrich CAADP’s Mutual Accountability Mechanisms

Data coordination has presented a challenge to Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) implementers for a long time. This is now more acute with the larger number […]