Our Seed, Our Feed, Our Food

In early 2022, Intini Research & Consulting and Local Development Research Institute

(LDRI) conducted a research project titled”Catalysing The Establishment Of A Sustainable Food Security Innovation Exchange Capability To Enable The Transfer Of Knowledge And Technology Innovations Between South Africa And Kenya.” The project revealed that farmers and innovators in the communities face challenges in accessing high-yielding and certified seeds, as well as difficulty accessing affordable, good quality feed for animals, specifically poultry and fish.

Since October 2022, Intini Research & Consulting and LDRI have been engaging both farmers

and innovators on possible long term, high-impact and large-scale community involving

projects that are likely to address these issues, but applicable at smallholder levels. Two

projects, one in South Africa and one in Kenya, were identified and conceptualized, grouped

under the same theme of: “Our Seed – Our Feed – Our Food: Building Capacity in Communities

to Develop their Vegetable Seeds and Animal Feed for Sustainable Food Security”.

In Kenya the project targeted three counties: 1. Kakamega (Shinyalu, Malava, Lurambi sub counties) , 2. Embu (Kaagari South sub county), 3. Kiambu (Gatundu North sub county)

The Kenyan project took a farmer field school approach in order to deliver experiential

learning on keeping Black Soldier Fly for their larvae, fish farming and good agricultural

practices for indigenous vegetables. The farmer field schools are hosted by a local farmer in

the area who was supported by the project to construct/renovate and operationalize a fish

pond, operationalize a Black Soldier Fly structure and establish a nursery for the indigenous

vegetables. Each county has 35 participants.

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