Addressing the trust deficit that exists between governments and citizens through better open government and accountable use of evidence and new technologies remains an opportunity still not adequately leveraged to spur development progress.

About the Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance Practice

Good governance and accountable collection, use and dissemination of data and other forms of evidence for decision making is critical to sound development policy and implementation. Our TAGG Practice is particularly interested in understanding the drivers for development data and the development and use of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing accountability and delivery on better outcomes for all. We are interested in ways through which data-informed decisions can be part of business-as-usual in Africa’s governments.


The Programs

 Africa Open Data Network program is generating research insights to contribute to improvements in data for development in Africa and working with governments to advance more open government. Learn more.

The AI-AI program is focused on providing practical evidence-informed insights to guide public sector institutions in addressing the human capital, sustainable financing and enabling environment challenges that come with accountable and inclusive adoption of in government. Learn more.

Practice Objectives

Strengthening the enabling environment for AI and development data. This aspect of our work aims to supports improvement of policy and regulatory frameworks for expanded civic space, open government, adoption of global standards for improving digital government services and adoption of international normative frameworks for new technologies. 

Growth in human capital development. This aspect of our work supports investment decisions, human resource planning and peer networking for the civi service to ensure the people have the skills, culture and incentives necessary to get their job done.

Sustainable financing for data. While data generation, use and dissemination are core to government, the funding for this is in many instances in constant jeopardy. This aspect of our work aims to support efforts to mobilise domestic resources for sustainable data  and AI infrastructure.

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