The State Of Open Data

The State of Open Data report was developed and published almost five years ago to reflect on 10 years of community action and to examine the role of open data in addressing social and economic challenges across a variety of sectors, regions, and communities. Over the past few years, projects and initiatives around the world have continued to work on opening and using data to address a myriad of socio-economic development challenges. Meanwhile, issues related to data justice, responsible AI, and privacy have moved to the center of public and political discourse. 

The publication, use and innovation on open data continues to evolve and present new opportunities and challenges for those working to address the development challenges many face, especially those in the global south. The Local Development Research Institute together with the Data for Development Network (D4D.net) Global Research Hub since 2022 has been hosting a series of community dialogues on the current state of open data and how this evolution could advance or hinder achievement of the sustainable development agenda.

For more information and updates on the state of open data please visit: D4D.Net

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