EVENT: Building Interoperable Data Systems.


Background Information

LDRI’s monthly data chat is held on Twitter and is part of efforts to advocate for and mobilize stakeholders around a common agenda on the publication and use of data and evidence responding to Africa’s development agenda. The data chat provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss the way forward for inclusive and sustainable development in the continent; share insights on how data can be used for evidence-informed decision-making; create awareness on the benefits of the use of data and new technologies for development and explore how different stakeholders can strengthen capacity to open up and use data to address development challenges.

January  Data Chat: Building Interoperable Data Systems.

The broken links report recently published by open government partnership builds a case for the use of open data to build more accountability and combat corruption. In order to achieve this we need not only for governments to make their data open but to publish interoperable data. This not only builds a chain of accountability but also increases productivity, and reduces cost and errors. “The right data, paired with robust oversight, can make a difference”

What then stops governments from making this a reality? A number of issues have been raised such as different standards of data collection and publication, different software platforms, and security and privacy concerns. Some of these challenges have been mitigated especially during emergency respondent situations such as with the covid-19 pandemic and we would like to find out during our data chat discussion why this is not an everyday practice and how we could build on human and machine interoperability,  how to standardize data collection methods and how to use common identifiers for essential data.



  • To understand what data interoperability means
  • To appreciate the opportunities for data interoperability
  • To share best practices for building data interoperability systems
  • To understand the ethical concerns.


Joseph Foti

Joseph Foti is the Chief Research Officer of the Open Government Partnership. He leads the Analytics and Insights team which is responsible for major research initiatives, managing OGP’s significant data resources, and ensuring the highest quality of analysis and relevance in OGP publications. He has over a decade leading research and accountability efforts across a range of sustainable development issues. With over 30 publications to his name, he has expertise in environmental policy, impact assessment, justice reform, civic space, and access to information. His most recent major work is Broken Links: Open Data to Advance Accountability and Combat Corruption. Before his current role he was the founding director of OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism. Prior to his work at OGP, he was a Senior Associate for the Access Initiative, a network led by the World Resources Institute (WRI). Prior to this, he worked as a public school teacher.


Muchiri Nyaggah

Muchiri serves as the Executive Director at the Local Development Research Institute. His work explores the implementation of international initiatives, their impact on local development, and how empowering policy actors and citizens with the right data can result in better development outcomes for all.


Joining Instructions:

This event will be happening on Twitter space on the 19th of January 2023, from 4 pm EAT (GMT+3).

To set a reminder or join the event please use the link  Here