The Food Security Practice

Food security is an imperative if Africa is to achieve shared prosperity and improved livelihoods.

We collaborate with African governments at different levels to put into action data-driven strategies that enhance food security and nutrition resilience while uplifting the general quality of life.

Our efforts revolve around boosting productivity and income for rural smallholder farmers, by promoting climate-resilient and sustainable farming methods.

We are taking intersectoral and intersectional approaches to address food and nutrition security.

Our Action

Research and Knowledge Production

to expand adoption of innovative approaches by national and sub-national governments to improve reach, delivery and efficacy of extension services especially to women smallholder farmers. 

Development and Implementation of Technology 

that supports the most vulnerable in society from the adverse nutritional impacts attributable to climate change. 

Strengthening Government Institutions Responsible for Agriculture

and nutrition to access, use and share data for decision making responsive to the issues facing women and girls in Africa. 

Projects & Initiatives

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Our Partners

We are grateful for the collaboration and support of our partners over the years who have helped us bring our vision to life.


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