Artificial Intelligence

For Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution, it will be vital to ensure there is accountable use of artificial intelligence in the public sector as well as ensuring AI doesn’t amplify or replicate existing real-world inequalities.

As governments begin to adopt artificial intelligence technologies in more diverse contexts, there is a growing need to better understand how to identify the most appropriate solutions, build local capacity for the development of AI, and create the right enabling environment to ensure responsible use in both the private and public sectors.

Our Action

Development of Standards & Norms

for accountable and inclusive implementation of artificial intelligence in the public sector

Research & Innovation on AI

for development in Africa through peer networking, fellowship programs, and grants.

Evidence-informed Recommendations

on the enabling environment, human capital, and domestic financing to support broader ethical adoption of artificial intelligence

Projects & Initiatives

Partner Spotlight

We are grateful for the collaboration and support of our partners over the years who have helped us bring our vision to life.


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