About Us

Our Story

Launched in 2015, the Local Development Research Institute(LDRI) is a private not-for-profit  think-tank organization, supporting efforts by African governments to take practical, evidence-informed actions to end hunger, extreme poverty and reduce inequality. Since 2015 we have worked with county governments in Kenya, ministries, departments and agencies in Sierra Leone and Nigeria to advance open government and better data for decision making.

Who We Are

Our commitment is rooted in the drive to tackle poverty, hunger, and inequality in Africa. We firmly believe that the realization of these crucial objectives depends on providing timely, data-driven insights to those capable of making informed decisions.

Our dedicated team is dedicated  to embarking on this transformative journey in collaboration with our esteemed partners. Together, we work towards the shared vision of the Africa we aspire to build.

How We Work

Our work is organized in three practice areas: Transparency, Accountability & Good Governance Practice, Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies  and Food Security & Health. Read more (Insert link here for practice area page)

Our Goal

All our practices seek to influence public policy in favor of an improved enabling environment, strengthening human capital development and mobilizing domestic financing for better development outcomes.

Our Approach

Enabling Environment

We support evidence-informed improvements to policy, regulatory frameworks, performance management, and the working environment to improve formulation and implementation of practical evidence-informed actions for development.

Human Capital

We provide insights on the extent and the manner in which human capital development can improve practical evidence-informed actions for development. We believe in strengthening the civil service for decisions that deliver on the country's development agenda through peer learning, accountability and citizen engagement.

Sustainable Financing

We provide actionable analysis that governments can use to better align investments from domestic resources that ensure the country is able to formulate, implement and review practical evidence-informed actions for development on an on-going basis with minimal reliance on overseas development assistance.

Partner Spotlight

We are grateful for the collaboration and support of our partners over the years who have helped us bring our vision to life.


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