The monthly resource list for January 2022 puts together content including a reading list, avenues for capacity building, and events from different stakeholders across the globe on the use of (open)data and for better service delivery in sectors such as Agriculture, Education, and Health. 

What AODN is reading this Month

BLOGS: How can innovations advance the nutrition data revolution?

Data innovations hold promise for addressing challenges across all aspects of the nutrition data value chain (DVC). The time is opportune to leverage new data sources, methods, and technology due to the increased need for high-quality and real-time data brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent convenings such as the UN World Data Forum in October 2021 have also featured data innovations as a key theme to showcase the potential of new solutions. Given the limited work around data innovations for nutrition, DataDENT conducted a landscape analysis of trends and opportunities for nutrition data innovations. Read More

             The practical and ethical implications of inclusive data

There has been a considerable shift toward creating more inclusive data systems over the years. Central to this movement lie efforts to address the power imbalances inherent in data collection and use by thoughtfully engaging and empowering communities. But this is easier said than done. Too often, we (as a sector, but also through the Global Partnership’s own work) have been guilty of recommending that organizations “consult with affected communities” without unpacking the practical and ethical implications of such advice