20th February 2023


In the past few years (2020 – 2022), Kenya has been experiencing increased and extreme drought tendencies with about 4.2 million people experiencing acute food insecurity. […]
28th July 2022

Women At The Nexus Of  Agriculture, Nutrition, and  Energy

Food production is the most intuitive linkage between agriculture and nutrition, but the relationship goes far beyond. Women play a fundamental role in the households by […]
21st July 2022

Reliable Data, The Pathway To Fighting Food Insecurity

Food is one of the basic needs of human beings. It provides the energy and nutrients needed to grow and develop, gain strength, and work productively. […]
17th May 2022

LDRI Data Chat Event: AI for Agriculture, the Case for Smallholder Farmers in Africa

  In April  The Local Development Research Institute organized a data chat event focused on AI for Agriculture: The Case for Smallholder Farmers in Africa. The […]
13th April 2022

A Twitter Event- AI For Agriculture: A Case for Smallholder Farmers in Africa.

Background information on this session: With advancements in technology, governments and other stakeholders are increasingly turning towards AI to support decision-making in the Agriculture and nutrition […]
31st March 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Smallholder Farmers Combat Climate Change

  Over the last few years, climate-smart agriculture(CSA) has been fronted as a way to help smallholder farmers cope with the effects of climate change and […]