Monthly Resource List

The monthly resource list for June 2022 puts together content including a reading list, avenues for capacity building, and events from different stakeholders across the globe on the use of open data for better service delivery in sectors such as Governance, Gender, Agriculture, Education, and Health. 

  • What We Are Reading This Month

Why a patient-centric approach is necessary for data governance in the healthcare sector

How health data is governed is a core component of the digital transformation of the healthcare sector and the expansion of “digital health”¹. Data governance plays not only a key role in a patient’s health outcome, but also allows for data to be incorporated into various research and innovation processes.Read More

Citizen-Generated Data for SDG Reporting in Kenya

Citizen-generated data can complement official data sources and close data gaps. In Kenya, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is building its capacity to use these alternative data sources. This report describes how partners from KNBS, the SDGs Kenya Forum, PARIS21 and Partners for Review worked together on a project to build and strengthen capacities within the national statistical system (NSS) and actors of the extended data ecosystem in Kenya to use new and alternative data sources to improve national reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals. Download The Report