The monthly resource list for April 2022 puts together content including a reading list, avenues for capacity building, and events from different stakeholders across the globe on the use of open data for better service delivery in sectors such as Agriculture, Education, and Health. 

  • What We Are Reading This Month 

Transforming The Data Landscape: Solutions To Closing Gender Data Gaps.

Solutions to Close Gender Data Gaps shifts the conversation from identifying gender data problems to finding practical solutions to gender data gaps. This report and the accompanying Gender Data Solutions Inventory document innovative solutions that have emerged in the last five years. The inventory catalogs 142 solutions that are practical and, in many instances, scalable across six development sectors(economic opportunity, education, environment, health, human security and public participation). It also includes cross-domain solutions focused on improving the governance of statistical systems and encouraging the use of data and statistics by policymakers and the public. Read The Report

Financing For Sustainable Development

Despite the importance of data and statistics for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as for policy making, data and statistical systems have long been underfunded, while  costs and demands have risen. Current donor commitments and support for data and

statistics are a fraction of actual needs. The financing landscape has also become more diffuse, fragmented and complex. In